OTC Brokerage and
Execution Service

e-Crypto Brokers trusted and personal execution services, offer our clients a fast and efficient way to buy and sell cryptocurrencies (including Alt coins). Our broker’s knowledge of the markets, liquidity and various exchanges ensures that we offer our clients the most competitive prices in the market.

The ability to execute orders and manage portfolio begins immediately once the account is opened. Execution-only clients have the choice of executing orders online or by contacting their broker via telephone and will be able to view all investments 24/7 on our online platform.

e-Crypto Brokers trusted brokers will guide you through the process of buying and selling cryptocurrencies, wallet set-up and security to ensure you are set up to transact in the most safe and effective manner possible.

Advisory and
Consulting Services

New to Cryptocurrency? At e-Crypto Brokers, our advisory service is designed for those who wish to maintain control of their cryptocurrency investment decisions but would like the option of consulting our advisers for informed support and insight into the cryptocurrency ecosystems.

To provide our Advisory service, our consultants work with our clients to identify the most suitable cryptocurrencies according to their aims and objectives. We assess each client’s financial situation and look at a range of issues including their attitude to risk.

Our clients know their advisers well and can always be called upon to provide advice based on a close and longstanding knowledge of their affairs. To find out more about how we can help you achieve your financial goals, please get in touch.


Our portfolio management service enables our clients to have an actively managed portfolio without the burden of constant decision making and is achieved by delegating the day to day decision making on what cryptocurrencies to buy and sell to our portfolio management team.

With our client’s prior agreement, our consultants make specific recommendations based on individual customers’ requirements, investment objectives and level of risk and tailor each portfolio to a client’s personal investment objectives and risk profile.

At e-Crypto Brokers, we take pride in our different approach to doing business as the hallmark of our style is steady portfolio performance that creates wealth over time.


e-Crypto Brokers allows our customers to participate directly in tokens presales which run before official token generation events (Public sale) and as a result benefits from exclusive discounts. Trusted and carefully shortlisted projects by our experienced ICO analysts are available to our clients during both pre-sale and public sale.

Funds raised from our users would only be released to projects when the agreed milestones have been met. Our clients can be confident that they have no fear of missing out while investing in projects in an unregulated space where no investor protections exits.

To help our clients understand some of the major risks involved in Token sales and the sector, please see our Risk Warning page and also speak to your personal broker.

Research Reports

e-Crypto Brokers provide sophisticated, cutting edge and specialized cryptocurrency and ICO research reports. We believe our profound understanding of the cryptocurrency market, macroeconomic analysis, financial analysis, and prudent research allows our clients to prosper in this challenging market environment.

Leveraging industry expertise and research capabilities, our brokers and analysts understand the key powers of informational efficiency and gather unique market and competitive insights to produce research reports to make understanding the cryptocurrency ecosystem easier and de-crypt the world of crypto assets.

For more details about our research analysis and reports, please contact us at info@e-cryptobrokers.com